Is Food Photography Losing Focus?

TBR_Dish_1dIn the world of food photography tight close ups, and blurred backgrounds are all the rage, but is this vision of food photo-illustration thinking out of the box or locking creative layout and design into one? Sure the pastel blur of shallow depth of field allowing food to blend into the background makes us feel all warm and literally fuzzy,  but does it limit design possibilities to the point where every image looks like a page out of a cookbook?

With Your Image at Stake Online Diner Review Pics Just Don’t Cut It

Bull Roast Rare

Bull Roast Rare


Familiar with the saying “It’s not the steak it’s the sizzle”? It’s true. Allowing customer images of your food posted on diner review sites such as Yelp, and others isn’t exactly the best way to show your food in the very best light. In fact lighting is critical to the proper presentation of your meals, and should not be taken lightly. Pun intended.

Foodeography offers caterers, restaurants, personal chefs and the food service community crisp, clean well lit images that capture the ingredients of each offering styled and plated as the chef intended. We don’t over glamorize the food presentation unless that’s the way it will be served every time it’s ordered.