• Beef Tibs & Spring Salad

    Tender, choice cuts of spiced beef sautéed with vegetables.

  • Kitfo

    Raw minced beef marinated in spicy chili powder and seasoned butter. Accompanied by ayibe, gomen and dirkosh.

  • Yebeg Alitcha

    Succulent lamb cooked in a mild and distinctly flavorful sauce of mild green pepper sauce.

  • Alitcha Menchet-Abesh

    Lean beef cooked in mild green pepper sauce. Seasoned with ginger and garlic.

  • Ethiopian Spiced Tea

    A sweet spiced tea.

  • Vegetarian Platter

    Atkilt Wot, delicious curried carrots, potatoes, cabbage, peppers and onions. Gomen, Ethiopian seasoned collared greens, and fluffy rice.

  • Ethiopian Veggie Medley

    Atkilt salata, spring salata and saffron rice.

  • Shimbra Asa

    Chick peas sauteed and cooked in berbere sauce.

  • Salata

    Crisp green salad topped with green pepper, tomato, beets and potato wedges.

  • Tsebhe

    Curried chicken, beef or lamb. Served with injera, and ayibe.

Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant

328 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 528-7234

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Food is great and cheap. Just get the big vegetarian platter and if you like a meat dish to go with and you cant go wrong.

The food was AWESOME (specifically the veggies…yummy beets).

Great food and nice vibe. Loved the music and it’s nice they have TVs too. The injera wasn’t heavy or overly sour. A good amount of space for groups. We ordered the lamb/beef  #8 and 7 item veggie platter. The service was very friendly and there is a full bar.

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