Innovative. Incentive Based. Direct2Guest Marketing.

How It Works

Step #1 Scan the QR Code

Step #2 Watch the Video Menu

Step #3 Share the Video Link

Step #4 Show Server the Share

Step #5 Get a Free Appetizer!

Why D2G Marketing?

There are multiple benefits of Direct-To-Guest Marketing. Among them is the ability to provide Minato Sushi Bar customers an opportunity to visually preview menu options while offering them a complimentary appetizer in exchange for a personal referral to those the guest feels may be interested in the cuisine Minato offers. Once the referred potential guest reviews the video, they, too, can direct another prospective customer to review the video and receive the free appetizer. This referral chain can continue indefinitely based on one initial referral, all at the minimal cost of producing two spring rolls or whatever Minato deems the lowest-cost item on the menu. The Direct-To-Guest concept is based on the Loss Leader marketing strategy.

Cell Phone Scanner App Activates Video